Adult Degree Program

You've Taken the First Step to Start to Finish College.

You may be an adult who started a degree—or maybe never started—because life got in the way. Here’s where you get back to it! We understand that you probably can’t attend classes during work hours and that you may have family priorities now. And when we say we understand, we mean it. Our adult degree students are supported with a full-time educational advisor throughout their program, and most classes meet one night per week with many available online.

Credit where Credit is Due

CORE Competency Center

Get a jump start on finishing college by earning up to 30 hours of credit based upon your previous learning experience. Many students choose to participate in a one-day behavioral assessment in our CORE Competency Assessment Center. Competency-based assessment and development provide an opportunity for attributes such as life and professional experiences, as well as personal and behavioral skills, to be evaluated for performance goals, programs and outcomes. It's a way to demonstrate competencies based on where you are in your career, what you've accomplished and what you know. You can apply CORE competency credits toward a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership or use them towards any other adult degree offering.

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For Employers

The assessment center can work for employers as well. 

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Innovative Options for Your Education

We also offer other options such as an innovative Integrated Studies program, where students may combine two focus areas, as well as transcript evaluation as part of the admissions process. For students who can demonstrate they have met learning objectives through out-of-classroom learning from a job or the military, our portfolio assessment is another avenue to earn Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.

Step 1: Request Information

Step 2: Visit Campus

Information Session Individual Meeting 

We invite you for a no-obligation, in-person or phone conversation to discuss your education and career goals with the College of Professional Studies.

Step 3: Apply

Apply Online Print Application

Complete an application and send in your transcripts to get started in one of our upcoming eight-week terms.

Step 4: Refer a Friend

Don't start school by yourself! If you know someone else who has not finished their degree, send them our way and when they enroll we will give you a referral reward.  Make sure they tell us you referred them!

We can get started in no time...and you take steps toward earning your degree right away. Contact John Williams at 615.966.5279 or via email at with any questions.

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